Upcoming Training Opportunity in Pipeline Monitoring in 2018

Training in Indigenous communities around pipeline monitoring and leak detection can lead to better leak detection and response times, provide employment opportunities for local communities, and result in increased environmental protection. With project partners from Indigenous communities, government and industry, the Indigenous Pipeline Monitoring Project aims to train 60 Indigenous pipeline monitors.

  • Training will take place at SAIT in Calgary, over a 3-week period (Monday-Friday) between April and October 2018 (Training will take place 1 week per month, and we will run the program 3 times)
  • Double occupancy accommodation and meals will be provided at SAIT campus at no cost to the trainee
    Trainees will need to provide their own travel and any other expenses
  • Trainees who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion from SAIT

We are seeking 60 Indigenous community members from Alberta, both First Nations and Métis, to participate in the training program. A limited number of applicants from B.C., Manitoba and Saskatchewan may be considered. To apply, you must be 18 years or older, have the support of your community or prospective employer, possess a demonstrated interest in the environment, be able to work for extended periods outdoors, be able to read and write in English, be computer literate and have attained Grade 10 Math. Preference will be given to individuals who will be hired as a result of this training, or who will start, expand or maintain a business due to this training. Participants should be prepared to attend all training sessions.

Job prospects

We will work to raise industry, community and government awareness about trained individuals to assist them in obtaining employment or establishing/expanding their own business. However there is no guarantee of a job on completion of training.

Training Program Outline

During the 3-week training program, we will cover the following topics:

Pipeline overview and operations
How pipelines are monitored
Inspection techniques
Pipeline lab
First response
Safety tickets
Environmental health
Business course
To apply, please complete and return the enclosed application form by December 21, 2017. If you have questions about this training program, please contact: Shauna-Lee Chai, InnoTech Alberta, Tel: 780-450-5175

Email: shauna-lee.chai@innotechalberta.ca