Researchers are examining Alberta’s reclamation and restoration economy on behalf of the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada. This research is an important step towards quantifying Alberta’s reclamation and restoration industry. The value for you is in quantifying the importance of your industry and its contribution to the Alberta economy. The study will also help demonstrate the critical role of reclamation and restoration in ensuring that Alberta can achieve sustainable resource development and sustainable cities. Your response will make a difference.

This survey should take about 15 minutes of your time. Instructions are found on the introductory page. Responses will be kept anonymous and results aggregated to protect the privacy of people, companies, and organizations.

A report summarizing the results of the survey plus the background literature review will be available in 2020. It will be available through Chris Powter.
To save time, please have the following information available before beginning the survey:
– number of staff involved in R&R activities;
– number of full-time equivalents that equate to the staff numbers; and,
– approximate value for R&R revenue and expenses for the last fiscal year.

The survey is available online at and closes December 20.