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About Us

What happens when the original keepers of the land meet western science?

The outlook for seven generations is better.

The Aboriginal Environmental Services Network (AESN) is a coordinated approach for Indigenous involvement in the environmental services sector in Alberta. AESN was established to fulfill a community, government and industry need for skilled people, available locally, to conduct environmental monitoring, wildlife surveys, traditional land use studies, vegetation management, climate change adaptation activities and reclamation. Our vision is to use the AESN as a way for organizations to address the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s “Calls to Action” as well as the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The network was conceived of, and is managed by, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures and its partners. Our goal is for the AESN to be a hub for management, communication, resource sharing and promotion of Indigenous participation in the delivery of environmental services.

What We Do

Develop and pilot new training programs:

We develop and pilot practical training programs for field technicians in the environmental services field. This includes curriculum development, obtaining community support, recruitment of trainees, planning logistics and program delivery.

Deploy technology to store Indigenous environmental data:

We partner with information management system providers to customise technology for collection, protection and storage of Indigenous environmental data

Direct individuals to resources:

The field of environmental services can be full of technical information. We help communities by interpreting information using plain language. We house some of our own resources, and can direct you to other resources:

  • Training
  • Grants
  • Freely available data and reports
  • Upcoming events
  • Community-based monitoring software
  • Government agencies
  • Indigenous environmental service companies
  • Business development

Share success stories about Indigenous involvement in the environmental services sector to demonstrate how Indigenous communities are getting involved in providing environmental services.

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